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Tunes 2003: 82 more tunes from Laura Risk

1 Tuning A
2-3 Angus MacKinnon B minor march
4-5 Andy Renwick's Ferret A minor reel
6-7 The Ale is Dear B minor reel
8-9 Atholl Brose D modal strathspey
10 Da Auld Resting Chair G major air, by Tom Anderson (Shetland)
11-12 The Banks of Spey A minor strathspey
13-14 The Bird's Nest A minor reel
15-16 The Braes of Tullimet E minor strathspey
17-18 Brisk Bob B minor strathspey
19-20 Brochan Lom G major strathspey
21-22 Bromley Brae D major reel, by William MacPherson
23 Coilsfield House G major air, by Nathaniel Gow
24-25 The Connumdrum A major march, by Peter MacLeod, Jr.
26 The Cradle Song A major air, by JS Skinner
27-28 Craigellichie Lasses D major jig, by William Marshall
29-30 Cross of Inverness G major reel
31-32 Deil's awa' with the Exciseman A modal jig
33-34 Donald MacLean of Lewis A modal march, by PM Donald MacLeod
35-36 The Drummer A minor reel
37-38 The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside A major march, by JS Skinner
39-40 Dunse Dings A' A modal reel
41-42 Earl Grey A major strathspey, by J Hill
43-44 Reel Eugene B minor reel (Quebec)
45-46 Fisher's Rant G major strathspey
47 Forneth House D major air
48-49 Geordie McLeish D major reel
50-51 Gillian's Reel A major reel
52-53 Gladstone A major reel, by JS Skinner
54-55 The Glenburnie Rant E minor reel
56-57 The Headlands A major march, by Ronnie Cooper (Shetland)
58-59 Highland Whiskey A major strathspey, by Neil Gow
60-61 Hull's Reel E major reel, by John Morris Rankin (Cape Breton)
62-63 I Lost My Love A minor jig
64-65 The Iron Man A major strathspey, by JS Skinner
66-67 Issoudun A major reel (Quebec)
68-69 Jenny Dang the Weaver D major reel
70-71 Lady Charlotte Campbell G major strathspey
72-73 Lady Hope of Pinkie B flat major strathspey
74-75 Larach Alasdair A modal jig

1-2 Loch Earn G major reel, by Neil Gow
3-4 Mairi's Wedding D major song
5-6 Da Merry Boys of Greenland D major reel (Shetland)
7 The Mill Mill O D major song
8-9 Millbrae A major reel, by Ronnie Cooper (Shetland)
10-11 Miller o' Hirn D major strathspey, by JS Skinner
12-13 Miss Douglas G major strathspey
14-15 Miss Hannah G major jig, by William Marshall
16-17 Miss Lyall A minor strathspey
18-19 Miss Shepherd A minor reel, by JS Skinner
20-21 Miss Stewart of Grantully A modal strathspey, by Neil Gow
22-23 Miss Susan Cooper D major reel, by Ronnie Cooper (Shetland)
24 Mo Mhathair B flat major air
25-26 Mr. Morrison of Bognie A major jig, by William Marshall
27-28 Mrs. HL MacDonald of Dunach D major march, by Willie Lawrie
29-30 Mrs. Murray of Lintrose A major country dance
31 The Music of Spey A major air, by JS Skinner
32 My Cape Breton Home G major waltz, by Jerry Holland (Cape Breton)
33-34 My Kindly Sweetheart B minor reel
35-36 My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing D modal jig
37-38 Northern March A modal march
39-40 North of the Grampians C major strathspey
41-42 The Old Grey Cat E minor reel
43-44 The Perthshire Hunt A major reel, by Miss Stirling
45-46 Peter's Peerie Boat D major jig, by Tom Anderson (Shetland)
47-48 PM Sam Scott D major march
49-50 Pretty Peggy D major reel
51-52 Put Me in the Big Chest A major reel
53-54 Rachel Rae D major reel
55-56 Salmon Tails up the Water G major polka (Irish)
57-58 Sand Worms E minor reel, by Laura Risk (California)
59-60 Sleep Soond ida Moarnin A minor reel (Shetland)
61 Da Slockit Light D major air, by Tom Anderson (Shetland)
62-63 Snug in a Blanket D major jig
64-65 Stumpie A major strathspey
66-67 Tail Toddle D major reel
68-69 Tea Song A major jig
70-71 West Mabou Reel G major reel (Cape Breton)
72-73 When Charlie Comes A minor reel
74-75 Whistle O'er the Lave O't G major strathspey
76-77 The Wind that Shakes the Barley D major reel
78-79 The 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen D major march
80 Valse des Jouets D major waltz, by Michel Faubert (Quebec)

All tunes are Scottish unless otherwise noted.