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Sandy Silva and Laura Risk
Sandy Silva - percussive dance
Laura Risk - fiddle

a brilliant musical dialogue...
a totally thrilling storm of syncopations and sounds.
- Glasgow Herald

people hold their breath each time Sandy Silva appears... She burns the floor.
- Le Soleil - Quebec City

Laura Risk's fiddle is a revelation and achingly beautiful.
- Ken Burns, Grammy-winning filmmaker

with her body as an instrument she makes the audience shout with joy
- Sweden press

capturing a glimpse of emotions seldom expressed on any instrument, Risk bows the strings with a delicate grace, yet draws unbridled passion from them...
- Folktales magazine

original and ultra-musical performer with cool authority and original ideas.
- Seattle Times

...marvelously inventive...
- Irish Echo - New York City

Comments from University of Minnesota residency students:
"They work so well together and complement each other superbly."
"This demonstration was awesome!"
"I loved the way the dancer became a part of the music - it was almost as if the music was coming from her body."