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Ken Kolodner and Laura Risk
Ken Kolodner - hammered dulcimer
Laura Risk - fiddle

[Ken Kolodner and Laura Risk] play with the soul, emotion, inspiration, and (when needed) the oomph that should be the envy of many a Celtic band... The repertoire runs the stylistic gamut from hornpipes to polkas to slow airs to jigs to strathspeys, and the geographic gamut from Ireland to Cape Breton to Scotland to Chicago, and even to Finland... Fresh, authentic, invigorating.
Dirty Linen

[On Walking Stones, the musicians] explore the spirit and soul and mysticism of Irish music and kindred styles... The combination of Kolodner's deft touch and the dulcimer's shimmering tones inevitably conjure contemplative and sometimes courtly moods, but not before we're treated to a lively set of Irish, Scottish, and Irish American reels. Risk's aggressive attack, which accounts for much of the music's rhythmic force early on, is later supplanted by a bittersweet lyricism... But it returns again, vigorously. The beauty and the beat of Celtic music are always well served.
The Washington Post

Exceptional musicians... [Their] approach combines a loving respect for tradition and a thoroughly playful sense of creativity. The result is controlled artistry that should appeal to all fans of Celtic music. Ken's dulcimer playing has been described elsewhere as 'astonishing' and 'virtuosic' but I think his greatest gift is his ability to contribute to an ensemble sound that is stunning in its musicality. OK, it's astonishing too, and, clearly this is a 'must have' album for Celtic fans.
Dulcimer Player News

What's most impressive is the tight interplay among the musicians.
The Baltimore Messenger

Ken Kolodner and Laura Risk played an inspiring set of tunes on Thursday, Aug. 16, at beautiful Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pa. The perfect summer evening was a fine complement to the musicianship of these two, which, as always, was first-rate. Opening with two Kerry polkas, "Salmon Tails Up the Water" and "Knocknaboul," they moved seamlessly through French-Canadian, old-timey, Scottish and Cape Breton styles, as well as an original tune by Kolodner... The interplay between the hammered dulcimer's precise percussive qualities and the graceful fluidity of Risk's fiddling was a real treat... This was a fine performance by two veterans who obviously enjoy working together.

A Roof for the Rain sparkles through excellent musicianship, a great selection of tunes, and superb production... [It] is assertive but not overbearing, a delight to the ears.
Green Man Review

A very rewarding musical journey... Delightful listening. The instruments weave seamlessly in and around each other and deliver that 'Celtic pulse' that, done right, seems as effortless and natural as breathing... This is magical music.
Dulcimer Player News

For bookings and info:
Laura:, 514-727-3171
Ken:, 410-243-7254