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Ken Kolodner and Laura Risk
Ken Kolodner - hammered dulcimer
Laura Risk - fiddle

Roof for the Rain
A Roof for the Rain (Dorian 90295)
with Keith Murphy, guitar, Joseph Sobol, guitar and cittern. Released in 2001.
Available in stores, on the web at and, or call Dorian at 1-800-DORIAN-6
Sound clip from A Roof for the Rain:
Greenfire (Dorian 90265)
with Robin Bullock, guitar, piano, cittern. Produced by Ronn McFarlane. Released in 1998.
Available in stores, on the web at and, or call Dorian at 1-800-DORIAN-6
Walking Stones
Walking Stones (Dorian 90248)
with Robin Bullock, guitar, piano, cittern. Released in 1997.
***BMG Record Club's Top 15 Bestsellers (Encore Record Club)
***Allegro Corporation's #1 World Music Title
Available in stores, on the web at and, or call Dorian at 1-800-DORIAN-6

Compilation CDs featuring Ken Kolodner and Laura Risk

The Road from Erin: Ireland's Musical Legacy, (Dorian 90021) various artists, 2002
Christmas Gift: A Dorian Sampler (Dorian 90321), various artists, 1998

Recordings by Ken Kolodner

A Winter Solstice Celebration (Dorian 90531), with Helicon, 1999
Horizons (Dorian Discovery 80103), with Helicon, 1992
The Titan (Dorian Discovery 80115), with Helicon, 1989
Helicon (Jeb 002), with Chris Norman and Robin Bullock, 1987
Daybreak (Jeb 001), with Chris Norman, 1985
Highlands (Dorian 90321), Chris Norman (with Ken Kolodner and others), 1997
Glenelg: Variations in Light and Shade Elke Baker (with Ken Kolodner and others), 2002

Recordings by Laura Risk

The Merry Making (Dorian 90282), with Susie Petrov, piano, Dennis Cahill, guitar, Christopher Layer, flutes, whistle, and bagpipes, Brian Melick, percussion
Celtic Dialogue (Dorian 90264), with Jacqueline Schwab, piano
***Top 10 CDs of 1999 -- The Boston Globe
Journey Begun, Laura Risk and Athena Tergis (Culburnie 105), with Steve Baughman, guitar, Peter Maund, percussion, Pat Klobas, bass; produced by Alasdair Fraser
Spine, Cordelia's Dad (Appleseed 1023), with Tim Eriksen, vocals, guitar, Cath Oss, vocals, lap dulcimer, accordion, Peter Irvine, vocals, percussion; produced by Steve Albini
Host of the Air: Contemporary Music for Scottish Country Dancing, with Susie Petrov, accordion, James Gray, piano
Petit Fou,(Borealis 113), Matapat with Laura Risk and others
Visions of Bach: Transcriptions and arrangements inspired by Bach (Dorian 90016), various artists


Walking Stones: A Celtic Sojourn
Anthology of the Masters of the Hammer Dulcimer (Ken Kolodner and others), 2000
Fiddler Magazine's Favorites: Tunes from and Interviews with 36 of the World's Greatest Fiddlers (book and CD set), various artists
Helicon: The International Acoustic Tune Book, 1995

For bookings and info:
Laura:, 514-727-3171
Ken:, 410-243-7254